Analysis of CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar

It has been 2 years since Canada’s own Daniel Caesar dropped his critically acclaimed debut album Freudian and he has once again reemerged onto the music scene with CASE STUDY 01. Staying true to his acoustic sound, Caesar teams up with music veterans to bring forward another feel-good set of tracks.


ENTROPY is the gateway song that brings us down the Caesar rabbit hole. Upon first listen, you aren’t sure what to expect with there being a voice note referencing religion. Caesar soft croons over the bass and drums about self-reflection. He sings:
Oh, how can this be? I finally found peace / Just how long ’til she strip for me? / So come on, baby, in time we’ll all freeze / Ain’t no stoppin’ that entropy

Given Caesar’s track record of singing about touchy subject matter, his lyrics and focus of the human experience do not stray far from what his audience is used to – making ENTROPY the perfect segway into a new phase 2 of Caesar’s musical catalogue.

Midway through the album, Caesar collabs with billboard old-timer, John Mayer for SUPERPOSITION. Listeners should be ready to feel all the feels and gear up to take a journey through the talented minds of Caesar and Mayer. Plucking on the guitar strings (and our heart strings) Caesar starts off the track by somewhat speaking directly to fans before breaking out into a smooth song. If there was ever a way to make an existential crisis sound so good, Caesar has set the precedent. The chorus is comprised of statements posed as questions and gets deep into Caesar’s outlook on faith and life in general.
Exist in superposition / Life’s all about contradiction / Yin and yang / Fluidity and things / I’m me, I’m God / I’m everything / I’m my own reason why I sing / And so are you, are you understanding?


Provided that Mayer gives us the occasional sappy single, it seemed to be a bit of a shock that he is on this record composing the background to such a deep and personal song, signaling that Caesar trusts Mayer to execute his creative vision.

Closing off the album is the longest song on the collection, ARE YOU OK?. Running for 6:32, this is the perfect close to the emotional rollercoaster that Caesar takes you on. Sounding identical to a modern day lullaby, Caesar’s voice is accompanied by a piano and guitar for the first half. This soft ballad is on brand for Caesar and the music that made listeners fans. What sets this song apart from the rest of the track list is the switch at the end of the song to a more upbeat and promising ending, almost as if Caesar didn’t want to leave his fans with a bad taste for life or love. An unexpected reassurance from the 2019 version of Caesar makes one question, are we really ok?


Listen to CASE STUDY 01 on Spotify: 


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