Anyway Gang

Anyway Gang’s self-titled debut album is filled with cheerful pop-rock gems that are both catchy and sing-along worthy, and one that we will definitely be listening to over the holidays. In case you haven’t heard of them yet, Anyway Gang is comprised of Sam Roberts, Menno Versteeg of Hollerado, Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club and Chris Murphy of Sloan — a Canadian supergroup we never knew we needed!

“Last summer I got together with a few of my tour buds who also happen to be some of my favourite songwriters,” Versteeg explained. “We mostly made dad jokes but we also jammed on a bunch of three-chord songs we all had lying around.

“We recorded a bunch of stuff in a few days and over the year we’d add some ideas here and there and all of a sudden a year had past and we realized we had kinda an album so we said let’s name ourselves the first thing we thought of and release these.”
(via Versteeg’s Instagram)

With a “three chord maximum” motto, the band has crafted nine tracks that are breezy, good-natured, and easy to bob your head to. “Big Night”, which has the members sharing lead vocals, is an enjoyable power-pop jam, and “Everybody Cries”, although lyrically dull, holds our attention with its energetic percussion and genuine vocal delivery. “Fly Francisco” and “Only You,” are more subdued and sweet, but just as effective.

“Eyes of Green” is a personal favourite, and perhaps the album’s defining moment. There is a beautiful blending of each member’s vocals, and an acoustic melody that is sure to leave an impression. Combine this with heartfelt choruses and an electric guitar solo, and we are given a track that is confident and revealing of the band’s team effort.

Yes, Anyway Gang has a few weak tracks, but take a step back and embrace it in its entirety. It sounds exactly what you would expect from this jumble of Canadian musicians, and in the best of ways!

Anyway Gang are scheduled to play at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern on January 17th.

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